Proactive Tax Services

Today’s income tax code is a constantly evolving set of rules whose application changes based on new regulations and court cases. Our team of CPAs understands their complexity and how they impact dental and other health care provider practices, small business owners and individuals.

Comprehensive and proactive tax strategies that open doors

Your Pro-Fi 20/20 team works with you year-round to help eliminate the “dreaded end of year tax surprise.” We develop strategies that apply tax codes and incentives that are advantageous, minimize your tax burden and open doors to both business and tax opportunities.

With a deep commitment to providing you with financial clarity, we educate you on how everyday business decisions impact your end-of-year income tax liability and position your business for future profitability and growth.

We offer a wide range of proactive tax services including:

  • business tax
  • individual and family tax
  • business tax credits and incentives consulting