Consulting Services

Achieving success throughout your practice or business’ lifecycle, from start up, to continued growth and planning for succession or retirement, all involve a broad range of complex financial and business considerations.

You can trust the Pro-Fi 20/20 team’s deep technical, financial and business skills and experience to deliver smart and practical solutions. We share our knowledge and unbiased counsel with you, so that you understand all the scenarios to determine the best options for your financial success. Our consulting services include:


Analyzing financial data and performance metrics are important tools for the success of your
dental or medical practice or business.

Corporate Structuring

Corporate structuring is the blueprint and execution of the corporate entity structure for how you conduct your business. At Pro-Fi 20/20, our experienced business strategists advise you on how to best structure your organization from a business growth perspective, incorporating tax mitigation strategies so your assets are protected.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you considering expanding your dental or medical practice or retail business through an acquisition or merger with another practice or business?

Our experienced team of business advisors will develop a customized mergers and acquisitions plan that analyze all essential financial, operations, product and services aspects of your business expansion options.