Business Valuations

The valuation of a business is the systematic process of determining its current worth of a business, using objective measures and evaluating all aspects of the business.

Valuing your business is especially important if you decide to sell your business, as it minimizes the risk of leaving money on the table by valuing it too low, or scaring away potential buyers by valuing it too high.

We walk you through our business valuation report, so you easily understand the factors driving your business’ value, further empowering you to make informed decisions for growth.

Pro-Fi 20/20 provides a full range of business valuation services to support:

  • business negotiations and disputes
  • buy/sell agreements
  • determination of contractual losses
  • business interruptions
  • damages in litigation
  • employee stock ownership pricing
  • retirement and transition planning
  • gifting
  • marital dissolution